Wholesale Rules

Wholesale Account Rules

As a wholesale account you agree to the following:

  • Rules are subject to change
  • MSRP on the ADULT women's hoodie is $54.99, KIDS are $34.99.  As the product lines are added the MSRP will be set and you will be notified.
  • Pre-orders sales are available for a limited window, once the pre-order window closes all product goes back up to regular wholesale pricing. 
  • Pre-orders have and Estimated arrival date of 8-10 weeks. Before shipping to you. 
  • All distributors are recommended to sell at our at MSRP. However promotions can run for NO more than 35% off the MSRP (like pre-order events/Flash sales) It's your Margins, However, you can not hold product pricing at this discount level.  It is meant to be a limited and temporary price promotion.
  • Standard Everyday promotions cannot be greater than a discount of 25% off.
  • You may not sell on discounted or destash sites, buy-in or, sale sites unless the design is your exclusive design and you have written permission prior to selling.
  • Violation of Rules and Regulations can lead to suspension or cancellation of accounts.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any account at any time without notification
  • Our photos are available for use in promoting the 7degrees brand, products, and your store as long as your account is open and in good standing with 7degrees.
  • You can not resell our product to any unauthorized boutiques/shops at a wholesale or discounted prices beyond regular promotions already address.
  • Each Women's style has a min purchase of 6 pcs and then will go to Open stock as we have available.
  • Each Kids style has a min purchase of 6 pcs and then will go to Open stock as we have available.
  • 7degrees will offer direct to consumer sales on our website, however, we will never sell for less than the authorized promotions. We will never undercut you as a wholesaler and follow the same rules.
  • We will provide an authorized dealer page on our website with links/access/locations to your Shop listed by state for active Brick and Mortar wholesale accounts only.
  • One order every 2 months or at product release, whichever is less would be required to be considered "active" to remain active for B&M wholesale accounts.
  • Min Quantity required to order will be adjusted based on location and demographics. Assume the amount is 6 pcs unless otherwise discussed.
    • B&M Accounts:  Limited zip code protection. As long as you maintain an active status you must place a min order every time a collection is released or every 2 months whichever is less. Active Brick and Mortars accounts will be offered a limited 30 miles radius from other Brick and Mortar accounts but this rule can be adjusted determined by demographics. Active accounts will always take priority in radius.